The Mystery Gets Weirder: ‘Tim Drake: Robin’ #3 Reviewed

by Tony Thornley

Tim Drake is the best Robin. Sorry but that’s just facts. The third issue of his titular solo series shows exactly why.

Megan Fitzmartin, Riley Rossmo, Lee Loughridge, and Tom Napolitano continue Tim’s adventures as reveal his enemy.

On the rooftops of Gotham, Tim Drake finds himself under attack from his closest friends and family, all in the guise of Robin. His only hope is his quick wit and every ounce of skill he’s learned from his family. Even that may not be enough though as he’s about to learn who he’s up against, and he will have to use every tool in his arsenal to stop them.

Fitzmartin has struck just the right balance in this series. She gives just enough clues in the mystery to keep us engaged, and it makes sense even if it isn’t fully a playfair mystery. The superhero action is done well, and Tim uses his smarts just as much as his fists to win his fight. Then she adds just enough interpersonal drama, creating an interesting web of characters around Tim. It’s everything done right for a new series.

I really enjoy Rossmo’s art, but I’m not entirely sure if he’s the best fit for this series. His work is extremely dynamic, especially for the fight between Tim and the fake Robins. He makes sure Grayson, Jason and Damian are all visually distinct in how they move and in how they look. His figures are sometimes a bit too abstract though, with characters like Bernard and the police who are fairly normal instead behaving extremely cartoony on the page. It’s good work, but doesn’t entirely fit the weird mystery story being told.

Loughridge’s colors fit perfectly with Rossmo’s line art. He uses methods that feel like pop art, adding texture to the art, but not over-grading or over-texturing it. His Gotham is moody and dark, but has just the right splash of color to fit with the city of other Batman books. Napolitano does the same, balancing exposition and dialogue while also letting the art shine around the lettering.

I enjoy this book month in and out, despite its faults. It’s a return to form for Tim, and a template for what his stories should be in the future.

Tim Drake: Robin #3 is available now from DC Comics.


This series has been a blast month in and out. Tim deserves a series like this, and even more he deserves it to run a long time.

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