Sallah Misses The Old Days In A Teaser For ‘Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny’

by Erik Amaya

Disney has finally announced a name for the long-awaited fifth Indiana Jones picture: Indiana Jones and The Dial Of Destiny. The company also released a teaser for the film featuring Sallah (John Rhys-Davies) remiscing about the old days and Professor Jones (Harrison Ford) making an astonishing claim.

Also along for the ride are Toby Jones, Antonio Banderas, Mads Mikkelsen, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Indy’s goddaughter(?) in a tale which brings the archeologist ever closer to the modern age. Will his newfound skepticism make more sense in that mundane world or will the titular object confirm for him, after all that he’s seen, that magic is real?

Indiana Jones and The Dial Of Destiny arrives in theaters on June 30th, 2023.

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