Comicon’s Holiday Gifts For Gamers 2022- Part 1

by Anton Kromoff


Welcome to the table!


Welcome back! I have been away for a little bit but I have a whole lot of reviews and interviews that have been happening behind the scenes so look for those soon. Until then I’ve been compiling a bunch of suggestions for gifts that the gamers in your life ( or you yourself ) may enjoy.

1.  The Last Session by Mad Cave Studios

This is one of my favorite comics of all time. Writer Jasmine Walls and artist DOZERDRAWS spin a delightful story about a group of friends who started playing a TTRPG together in high school and now are reaching various points in their life where new jobs, college graduations, and relationships start to disrupt the regular gaming sessions. Things get even more strained for everyone when a new player joins the game. The story has a ton of heart, avoids all the tropes that make it feel like the storytellers are making fun of players more than showcasing their lives and it really drives home how important the friends you make along the way are to your life outside of the confines of the weekly games. The art is spellbinding, the alt covers are to die for, and honestly, if you enjoy the hobby I can almost assure you that this non-gatekeeper take on things will surprise and delight you. You can pick up the TBP or single issues at the link.

2. The Level Up Gaming Table by Spidermind Games

For those gamers who can actually get together in person sometimes space at the table can be an issue. The Level Up Gaming Table is a solution that actually works as advertised. I have the classic level-up. It consists of six board tiles and six legs, and you get instruction ( though you don’t need them it is pretty easy to plug and play put together ). The whole platform, when constructed, measures 24″ (60.96 cm) by 36″ (91.44cm) and stands just over 6 inches from the table (16cm). It really does give a nice lift to the table allowing you a place to put snacks or scratch paper and works just as well for board game night as it does for TTRPG night. You can check out the various options they have at the link.

3. Düngeonmeister: A Drink Master’s Guide by Jef Aldrich and Jon Taylor

A great addition to the bookshelf and the home bar there are a ton of fun drink recipes in this book. I know, I have made a bunch of them. There are a lot of TTRPG fantasy-themed cocktail recipes with easy-to-follow instructions. The “fluff” is typical system agnostic fair but all in all, it’s a really charming and fun book to buy for yourself or gift to a friend of legal drinking age. You can score a copy at your local bookstore or grab it from Amazon at the link.

4. D20 Light from Paladone

I won’t talk much about Wizards of the Cost branding items if I can help it. It’s not because I don’t like their stuff it’s just really hard to get anyone to actually talk to me and that makes it really hard to speak fully on their products. I have this light though. It’s goofy and chunky and the plastic feels like something from a Happy Meal in the 90s… and yet I really love it. The colors they advertise its changes are not that colorful. Mine only turns white and red so either it was broken out of the box or it’s not the same even though it looks the same with the D&D ampersand and all. Nevertheless, this is a cool light to have on the shelf and it gives some TTRPG style to your space. You can grab it at this link.

5. Ghostly Castle Wax Melts from Spiritside

My wife bought me a pack of these a few years back and I still talk about how great they were. Being a wheelchair user I have not been in many castles but I can assure you I have been in some places that I am certain to have a bit of a thin veil between this world and the next and I swear to you if I was going to give you something and say “This thing smells like a ghost haunted castle” these wax melts fit the bill. I invite any haunted castle owners to fly me out to your spooky stronghold and let me sniff around if you try these and think I am wrong. You can grab a pack for yourself at the link.

6. Pocket Compendium: Tome of Recollection by Stratagem

Now I don’t own one of these personally but I have seen them and they are super useful for the note takers who take little to no notes. I mean that no jokes no digs, we all have those people at the table who only write down one or two things but when that bit of paper torn off the takeout menu or the old Taco Bell receipt comes out it changes the tide of the game. This is the perfect little notebook for those kinds of players. You get these cool little cards you can write your favorite spells or abilities on, your magic item information, or notes on the guy who took your backpack while you were trying to beat the center bartender in a footrace. They also look like cool little spellbooks so that is a major selling point. You can grab them at this link.

7. The Master’s Tome Customizable DM Screen by Stratagem

I do own this one and I dig it. Most of my games are run digitally these days as my players are all over the globe but this is still a cool gift for those who have home games going on. The Storyteller screen has pockets you can slide all your charts and notes into ( provided they are 8.5x11ish in size) and honestly you can pack more than a few sheets into each of the sections. There are eight pockets in all and it’s a great place to stick extra character sheets, copies of your player’s sheets because they forget to bring them or dump beer on them, maps, handouts, and other odds and ends. The pockets are vinyl and say you can write on them with dry erase but it’s kinda clunky to write on so that feature is not super great. That being said this is still a really cool inexpensive gift idea for the gamer in your life. You can pick up a screen at this link.

8. D20 Soap on a Rope ( or ribbon?) by SMEhandmade

Now I don’t own any of these… yet. However, it is a really novel concept that I know I would love to get as a gift. There are a ton of fragrances and scents and it seems each giant-sized D20 Soap on a Rope ( or ribbon… it legit looks to be a ribbon and not a rope ) has a multitude of D20s inside. The reviews sing the praises of the way these things smell and the seller has a ton of options to choose from. All in all, this seems like a really fun gift for the gamer in your life. You can grab your own at this link.

9. Dice Case & Tray by GeekOn

I had a player who used something akin to this that he repurposed from a headphone carrier. This is really cool because it’s specifically for holding your dice. You can use it as a tray, then zip it up and carry your dice in it. Kinda a solid low price point offering for the gamer in your life who needs to bring their own dice to the game and stop touching up on everyone else. You can score one at the link.

10. Mystery Dice Bags by Gamemaster Guild LLC

I got a few of these as a stocking stuffer a year or so back and they were really nice. The quality of the dice was solid, the designs were really different but not offputting and it was fun to open something that was totally random. I use the dice a lot when I take photos during my reviews and they add some spice as they are all vastly different. While these are not as mindblowing as some of the really expensive sets of handmade dice these are a really good low-price option for a fun gift that will not break the bank. You can grab a pack at this link.


There we go, that’s 10 really solid mostly low-cost, gift ideas for the gamers in your life.

More to come! Until then, I hope you all are well and I look forward to showing you more soon.

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