Kickstarting Comics: ‘!GAG!’ By Eddie Campbell, Glenn Dakin And Phil Elliott

by Richard Bruton

Three greats of Brit comics bring back one of their earliest works as Eddie Campbell, Glenn Dakin, and Phil Elliott are back with the !GAG! Kickstarter.


Yes, three great Brit creators come together in one 60-page book here, collecting the very best of their work from !GAG!, one of the classic Brit fanzines/comics of the ’70s and ’80s.

Seriously, it’s one of those comics that sells itself, and it’s no surprise it’s blown through its initial target for the Kickstarter campaign.

In the 60-page book, you get a new introduction by Eddie, with introductions by Glenn and Phil to their comic strips.

As for the strips themselves… well, !GAG! features strips by all three creators…

Shakespeare by Eddie Campbell, where we follow the letters of Will Shakespeare, in which the Bard tries to get that overdue cheque.

Robot Crusoe by Glenn Dakin, finds an artificial waste-of-intelligence stranded on a rock in space who ponders life, the universe and anything. Along with his annoying pal, Friday, Robot Crusoe faces alien invaders, planet-to-planet salesmen, aliens that look like pizza, and, according to the Kickstarter, “anything else Glenn can think up.”

The Tribe of Ush by Phil Elliott is a bit of a mystery according to Elliott, who has this to say on the KS page…

Who are they? Do they control and run everything? Who are The Mags? Who are The Tribes of SOL and the CEPEESS? And just who is The Learned Clerk (may His name be Holy)? All, or nothing will be revealed in this exposé of the goings-on, in the world of THE TRIBE of USH.

The Kickstarter for !GAG! features digital copies and printed copies, with extras so far including a print of the front cover to all backers of a physical copy as well as a print of Glenn’s cover of the original newsprint !GAG!

The !GAG! Kickstarter runs until 29th December.

Glenn’s original cover to the !GAG! newsprint comic – available as a print for the KS campaign

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