Advance Review: Revelation Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be In `Seven Sons’ #7

by Tom Smithyman

For six issues, Seven Sons has been a study in contradictions and enigmas – much like the religious mysteries it deals with.

Set in a recent past where seven boys born of virgins on each continent vie to become the new Messiah – complete with church-sponsored pay-per-view events – the writing has often been fantastic. At the same time, though, the limited series has made an extremely questionable choice of setting up radical Islamic fundamentalists as the bad guys.

These Muslims are responsible for killing most of the seven sons, known as the Jesi. It smacks too much of bigotry. To make matters worse, it’s been obvious from the start, though, that the real evil here is the head of the church, Nicolaus.

Robert Windom and Kelvin Mao are responsible for the writing – for better or worse. In this final issue – if this even is the end because the last page is so much of a head-scratcher, it’s difficult to understand what they are trying to accomplish – the pair anoint a new savior for the world. That’s one of the easiest plot points to accept. We’re made to accept such far-fetched notions that someone could easily swipe a sacred relic from a church and that a Muslim terrorist cell could smuggle a nuclear bomb into the country. Sure, makes sense.

Luckily, Jae Lee has provided a steady hand throughout the seven issues. As is typical for Lee, his work has defined the series in a way that writing – good or bad – never could. Looking at the Jesi, you can actually believe that some of them are the second coming. Colors by June Chung – in particular Jesi Delph’s piecing blue eyes – only add to the illusion.

If this series is ultimately to be remember for anything, it’s for the artwork not the writing. That’s a hazard anytime Lee is involved in a project, which is a testament to the power of this amazing creator.

Seven Sons #7 will be available for purchase tomorrow.


It’s hazardous to deal with religious themes – and this series is a good example of why. The writing has been alternately strong and perplexing, but the artwork has been consistently amazing and has helped to elevate the series.

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