Comicon’s Holiday Shopping Guide 2022, Part One

by Brendan M. Allen

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite comic book enthusiast, gamer, cinephile, or collector? Holiday shopping can be a real struggle. We have some ideas to help. Welcome to Comicon’s Holiday Shopping Guide 2022, Part 1.

Heartstopper OGN

You’ve watched the series – now catch up with the Heartstopper Graphic Novels! 

One of the most popular shows to come out of 2022 was Heartstopper. Following the love story of Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring, you couldn’t help but become obsessed with these characters and their group of friends. Anyone who saw the series couldn’t help but fall in love with this wonderful coming of age story about discovering your identity and finding your community while navigating the difficulties of being a teenager (and who can’t relate to that!). 

For Christmas there’s nothing I can imagine a Heartstopper fan would love to see more under their tree than the four-book series by Alice Oseman that the Netflix series are based on – give the joy of a beautiful queer teen story this Christmas! 

They should be available from all good bookstores and comic shops across the US and UK. You can buy all 4 volumes individually for about £10.99/$14.99 or as a bundle of 4 from about £35-50/$40-$60 if you really want to go all out and treat a fan!  

 – Richard Bruton 

Father Christmas books

It’s another Blooming Christmas as Father Christmas Goes On Holiday 

You’ve got the first Raymond Briggs Father Christmas book (as featured on the Comicon 2021 Gift Guide) but did you know that Briggs did a sequel? It’s just as blooming marvelous, full of Briggs’ magnificently grumpy Santa, another essential Christmas bookshelf addition from one of the masters of British comics. 

After all he has to go through on Christmas Eve, no-one needs a holiday than Father Christmas, but where does one of the most famous men on the planet go for a break?  

In Briggs’ hilarious and beautiful book, we follow Father Christmas in search of the perfect holiday destination as he jets off (after modifying his sleigh to a jet-powered caravan) to France, to Scotland, and even to Las Vegas.  

This should be available wherever books are sold for around £7 / $10 – but do get out there and support your local independent bookstore! 

 – Richard Bruton 

The 2000 AD Encyclopedia

Perfect for the 2000 AD fan – past or present – The 2000 AD Encyclopedia has it all! 

45 years of 2000 AD history await in the Thrill-Powered 2000 AD Encyclopedia, the essential guide to everything and anything you could want to know about the whole 2000 AD universe.  

Perfect for fans who’ve stopped reading the comic – the 2000 AD Encyclopedia might just be the thing to get them reading again! 

336 pages of everything 2000 AD is here in this hardcover with dustjacket, with A-Z listings running from the luckless Aaron A. Aardvark to the delights of Zombo. Practically every character that’s ever appeared in the pages of the Galaxy’s Greatest is here, including details of the biggest stories, all with illustrations from the legends of comic art that have worked for 2000 AD over the years! 

Support your local comic shop with this one and ask them to order it if they don’t stock it! 

UK – 2000 AD Store – £39.99 – 

US – Target – $32.49 – 

 – Richard Bruton 

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition (2022) 

A collection of two video games from Square Enix’s past. The main game is Chrono Cross (2000) and the supplemental is The Radical Dreamers (1996). Both are old Japanese role-playing games with different play styles that should appeal to those who like complex narratives. Also those who play games for their replay value should get plenty from either of them. Chrono Chross is also a quasi-sequel to the classic Chrono Trigger (1995) in that it touches on some similar elements and characters. One can play this collection on Xbox One, Playstation 4, or Nintendo Switch.

-Benjamin Hall

2000 AD & Northern Monk Beer

Bringing Thrill Power to your thirst… 

Yep, something for the adult beverage enjoyer in your family here, as 2000 AD and Northern Monk team up to bring you 2000 AD pale ale! Less than £5 + postage and you can settle back, open a tinny, and celebrate the gorgeous and iconic artwork of Carlos Ezquerra and Ian Kennedy with cans featuring Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog. 5.0% pale ale hopped with Mosaic, Simcoe, Strata and Talus. 

 – Richard Bruton 

Judge Dredd & 2000 AD jumpers

Wear your thrill-power with pride with the latest Judge Dredd & 2000 AD festive jumpers! 

Perfect for Christmas parties, ideal for the family feast on the big day, and of course absolutely the thing for that difficult to buy for relative (or yourself!), 2000 AD present two fabulous new Christmas jumpers to really make sure everyone gets into the festive mood! 

Joining existing designs from Kev Walker and Brett Ewins, the Judge Dredd jumper features art by the legend that is Mick McMahon (from 1982’s 2000 AD Prog 296), whilst the 2000 AD jumper is a perfect opportunity to wrap yourself up in thrill power with Steve Cook’s wrapping paper design from the cover of 2000 AD Prog 772, published in 1992. 

The jumpers are available through the 2000 AD web shop for £35 – but are all print-on-demand with printing and fulfilment centres in North America and Europe, meaning you can avoid heavy shipping costs.  

 – Richard Bruton 

Tie Dyed Snowman T-Shirt (as worn by Mick Foley)

Fans of Mick Foley know that the affable retired professional wrestler LOVES the Christmas season. It’s well documented that the King of Hardcore has a soft spot for the holiday and all the traditions surrounding it. He’s got a whole room in his home dedicated to Christmas decorations, and he is known to dress as Santa Claus to visit sick children in hospitals and their homes. 

When I met him at New York Comic Con 2022, Mick was wearing an amazing red and green tie dyed shirt featuring a snow man’s face. 

A few weeks ago, I received an ad from The Tie Dyed Shop in Georgia, advertising their Christmas line. The exact shirt Mick was wearing on Saturday at NYCC was featured in the ad for $22. This hits on several levels for wrestling fans in December.

-Brendan M. Allen

Star Wars Collectible Light Sabers

Treat the Star Wars mega-fan to their own elegant weapon for a more civilized age! 

The Skywalker and Darth Vader legacy lightsaber collectible set gives you a premium recreation of these two iconic weapons – because who doesn’t want to be a Jedi (or a Sith if that is your path)! 

It’s a full-scale replica with lights and sounds at the push of a button – perfect to recreate the iconic battles from across the galaxy! This iteration also includes a hilt for adding a bit of flash to your cosplay. But if you’re more into the collecting side of things each lightsaber includes a stand that can display the saber with or without the blade! 

Retailing at £185 (UK)/$249.99 (US) this is on the more expensive side but is well worth the price for any Star Wars fan! 

UK – 

US –

 – Richard Bruton 

Jurassic Park Lego Set

Get your T-Rex on with this Jurassic Park Lego set! 

Recently, there’s been a surge of Lego sets aimed at adults – something that’s used to unwind and take you away from the stresses of everything crazy going on. These sets include scene dioramas and recreations of some of the best pop culture moments at a range of different prices.   

One of the best things about Lego is it’s a reusable gift – you can build, take it apart, build again or, if you’re more into your collectibles and displays, these dioramas are perfect for that as well!  

For any fans of Steven Spielberg’s classic Jurassic Park there is a brilliant set recreating the iconic T. Rex breakout! With 1212 pieces and measuring 58cm wide, this is a lovely set full of easter eggs that will be a wonderful build for any fan! And of course, there’s the incredible Rexy stomping her way around!  

Retailing for £89.99 (UK)/$99.99 (US) from the Lego website itself although it is available at other retailers. And remember you can sign up for free to become a Lego VIP for points, perks, and rewards! 

UK – 

US – 

 – Richard Bruton 

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

Every Star Wars fan needs their own Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022 

Oh, there’s no better Advent Calendars we’ve seen over the last few years than the Lego ones. Gone are those days of our childhood where you maybe got a little piece of chocolate each day. Nope, nowadays, it’s all Lego brilliance behind every one of those windows for you to enjoy. 

This year’s Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar is a beauty – including 16 mini builds ,with 10 mini model vehicles including Bad Batch Shuttle, Luke’s Ground Speeder, Republic gunship, B-wing, TIE Interceptor and AT-ST of Hoth, plus 8 LEGO Star Wars characters including Darth Vader in his summer gear; Luke Skywalker; Snowtrooper, C-3PO, and R2-D2 in Christmas jumpers; the Wampa Cave; and Gonk Droid dressed as Santa. 

UK – Argos –   £24 –  

US – Walmart – $35.99 – 

 – Richard Bruton 

Media by Moonlight enamel pins

Media by Moonlight is a small, family owned business run by queer power couple Judas and Haze that sells all kinds of identity pins, stickers, lanyards, keychains, jewelry, and other assorted trinkets. Enamel pins are really popular at the moment, and in addition to their identity merch, they also sell items with such catchy slogans as ‘F*ck Nazis.’ Stylish and affordable, check out the gallery here.

Use code COMICON15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase.

-Brendan M. Allen

Original Comics Art Commissions 

Go completely original this year – grab a print or commission some art!

Who doesn’t love to decorate their house with things they love? That includes beautiful pieces of artwork. There are so many independent artists across social media and on shops such as etsy who sell incredible prints of their work – covering a huge variety of things we all love – that would make a beautiful addition to any wall! There really is something for everyone. Support independent artists this Christmas, many of them will sell just the print or a framed version in a variety of different sizes as well so there’s many options!

And for comic fans there’s a huge number of artists out there who will accept commissions – choose well and it could be the most incredible present you’ve ever given!

For example – my daughter Molly’s got a one off commission/present from Jim Medway of the Crab Lane Crew this on her wall and she adores it… one of a kind and something she’ll love forever! 

When commissioning artwork though, always be kind and be aware that a commission might take a long time! Be sure to check before you agree to anything!

 – Richard Bruton 

Cinema Gift Cards

Something simple for all movie lovers – Cine Gift Cards are the way to go! 

Now, who doesn’t love going to the movies? Catching the latest flick with a bucket of popcorn and one of the biggest drinks known to man! But we all know that going to the cinema can be a very expensive day out. With 2023 stacked full of highly anticipated movies it’s going to be a busy year for movie goers so a great gift this holiday season is a gift card for a movie theatre!  

There is nothing better than seeing a movie for the first time in theatres. Even if the movie is not the greatest, it’s a completely different experience being sat in the theatre full of fans ready to enjoy the latest spectacle!  

These gift cards are available at most cinemas across the US and UK in varying prices ranging from $10 (£10) all the way to $200 (£200) this is at AMC Theatres and Vue but there are many more available.  

UK – 

US –

 – Richard Bruton 

Funko Pop

There’s a Funko Pop for EVERYONE!!!

If you’re looking for something on a smaller budget you can’t go wrong with a Funko Pop! This collectible craze that completely took the world by storm is impossible to avoid with almost every franchise, celebrity and even mascots having a figurine created. (However, if you’re buying for an avid Funko collector make sure to sneakily check their collection so you don’t get one they already have!)

Funkos are brilliant gifts for anyone whether they collect them or this is their first and only one, it adds some fun to work spaces, at home offices or any book shelf. They’re also available at pretty much every store including supermarkets so they’re very easy to find!

Prices vary from £12 to £30 ($15 to $40)

 – Richard Bruton 

Groove Life Licensed Marvel and DC Comics Rings and Belts

Groove Life recently inked licensing deals with both DC Comics and Marvel Comics to make their awesome silicone rings featuring your favorite comics superheroes. 

I personally own about a dozen of Groove Life’s rings, and two belts. They’re amazing. I’ve always struggled with the idea of metal rings on my fingers (coming from a construction background). I saw too many colleagues end up with smashed and broken fingers, having to get their wedding bands cut off. Gruesome stuff. 

I also hate the constrictive feeling of metal rings. Always have. These Groove Life rings are so light and comfortable, I forget I’m even wearing one half the time.

The Groove Belt has the perfect amount of stretch giving you the most comfortable all-day fit ever. Just adjust to fit once and forget. The buckle uses high strength, neodymium magnets for an easy, seamless snap-on/snap-off. Proprietary webbing, rare-earth neodymium magnets and an A380 aluminum alloy buckle, so that when the apocalypse hits and we all move to Mars, you’ll be ready. 

DC and Marvel licensed Groove Life rings and belts are a great way to show off your fandom, and they’re backed with a ridiculously inclusive warranty. 

-Brendan M. Allen

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