Comicon’s Holiday Shopping Guide 2022, Part Two

by Brendan M. Allen

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite comic book enthusiast, gamer, cinephile, or collector? Holiday shopping can be a real struggle. We have some ideas to help. Welcome to Comicon’s Holiday Shopping Guide 2022, Part 2.

Sunburn HC & Paris HC – Andi Watson & Simon Gane’s romantic travelog of classic tales 

A perfect double present for the graphic novel fan and/or the hopeless romantic in your gift list here, with two wonderful books from author Andi Watson and artist Simon Gane, two of the finest things you’ll read all year. 

Paris was first released many years ago but finds new life here in a gorgeous hardcover edition, remastered and expanded with even more of Gane’s luxuriant artwork. Set in In Paris, it paints a picture of two women who couldn’t be more different finding love and freedom amongst the art and beauty of the most romantic city in the world. It’s as beautiful and enchanting as falling in love should be.  

Sunburn is their second collaboration, freshly released at the end of November, and continues the themes of exploration and growth found in Paris but sets them against a coming of age tale in the sun-drenched Greek Islands. Young Rachel was expecting a summer of predictable boredom that’s suddenly transformed when a family friend invites her to spend the summer with them, as ex-pat Brits, in Greece. Her humdrum life is suddenly swapped for a life of carefree excess. But although Rachel was desperate to be treated as an adult back home, will she find this adult world something she really wants or understands? 

Both books are beautiful expressions of how comics are so capable of telling stunning tales full of drama, wonder, romance, loss, and heartbreak. And as a pair they’d make the perfect gift for the romantic in your life.  

Order and buy them from your local comic shop if you can – both Paris HC and Sunburn HC around £20, $25.   

 – Richard Bruton 

Bunny Vs Monkey, Mega Robo Bros, & The Phoenix Comic – EVERYTHING a comic loving kid could want this Christmas! 

Jamie Smart’s Bunny Vs Monkey and Neill Cameron’s Mega Robo Bros are two of the best kids books available, guaranteed to have you rolling with laughter and gasping with the thrills unfolding. 

The latest Bunny Vs Monkey, Machine Mayhem, just came out in hardback, continuing the anarchic, ridiculously funny, and just plain silly saga of Bunny and Monkey, just two of the wonderful characters whose insane adventures down in the woods your Dog Man loving kids are going to absolutely adore!  

As for Mega Robo Bros, it’s all about the trials and tribulations of two robot brothers created by the mysterious Dr. Roboticus; Freddy (6, the red one) and Alex (12, the blue one) who’ve been adopted by robotics scientist Dr. Nita Sharma and her very down to Earth husband, Michael. Every MRB volume is packed with all-ages fun, great gags, plenty of action, and best of all, a perfectly down-to-earth relationship between the brothers that kids recognise and understand. 

Both Bunny Vs Monkey and Mega-Robo Bros come from the brilliant kids’ comic, The Phoenix Comic – so why not give the gift of a subscription this year? All the details at the website, but the best deal is the annual submission of £99.99 or $215 for 1 year.  

 – Richard Bruton 

Steady Clothing 

You may have noticed the amazing retro shirts I wear to conventions and in Happy Hour videos on the Comicon YouTube channel. I get those from a Southern California company called Steady Clothing, whose mission is to provide high quality, vintage inspired clothing for men and women. There’s a wide selection of custom fabrics and designs, and you can add custom buttons and embroidery to make them truly unique.

Go check out the selection of bowling shirts, tees, jackets, Western shirts, dresses, and work shirts, and if you see something you like, drop the discount code COMICON15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase.

-Brendan M. Allen

Transformers: Beast Wars Vol. 1

Transformers: Beast Wars Vol. 1 (2022) arguably features some of the best issues of this series. It features additions and changes from the source material (Beast Wars [1996-1999]) that will interest new and old fans of that cartoon. At the same time it can be read without prior knowledge of anything from the Transformers brand. Also it is a safe option for adults to get for young readers who already will be getting plenty of toys. Finally those looking for a gift for a comic book speculator might consider this as one since this franchise will soon leave its current publisher IDW.

-Benjamin Hall


Something for the Minxes and the Menaces – Beano merch and books! 

Head over to the Beanotown website for all the official merchandise for all things Beano, the world’s longest-running weekly comic. There’s so much stuff to pick from that anyone could do pretty much all their Christmas shopping there! 

But if we had to pick just a few things, we’d go for one of the great Beano art prints, the personalized Gnasher mug, and for something to make all ages of Menaces happy, how about the Beano Cluedo and Top Trumps double pack? 

And of course, while you’re there, make sure you pick up the 2022 Christmas Special Beano and the always wonderful to get no matter what age you are Christmas Beano and Dandy annuals!  

Beano art print – £14.99 – £39.99 – 

Beano Cluedo and Top Trumps double pack – £34.99 – 

Personalized Gnasher Christmas mug – £15.99 – 

Beano triple pack – Beano Christmas special, Beano annual, Dandy annual – £15.99 – 

 – Richard Bruton 

Gotham City Cocktails

If you’ve seen our Happy Hour: Comics and Cocktails series on YouTube, you know that I love finding ways to incorporate my other interests into my comics fandom. Baseball, music, alcoholic libations…

I didn’t really know what to expect when I pitched this book to Cullen Bunn to feature in our first video, but we were both blown away, not only by the quality of the cocktails, but also the dedication to the theme. Gotham City Cocktails pulls the world of DC’s Batman into the bar with amazing drink and appetizer recipes that all have immersive backstories that fit right into the Dark Knight Mythos. 

Simon and Schuster put together a convenient list of sellers right here where you can find the book for $25 or less. 

-Brendan M. Allen

Dancing Baby Groot Lego

Fancy a dance this Christmas? Then you’ll want the Dancing Baby Groot Lego! 

Everyone loves Groot, right? And for fans young (well, 10+ anyhow) or old, they’re going to love spending a few great hours putting together this detailed and poseable Baby Groot. 

Yes, it’s dance time for Lego makers and Marvel fans, as this Baby Groot Lego takes you  

back to the days of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. No matter who it’s for, they’re going to love putting together the 476 pieces here to end up with a great looking Baby Groot in full dance mode, poseable and moveable, the perfect recreation of the lovable and mischievous toddler that’s going to look so good wherever you decide to show it off.  

US – Walmart – $43.99 – 

UK – JD  Williams – £39.99 – 

 – Richard Bruton 

Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special Lego Advent Calendar

An Advent Calendar for all you Marvel fans– The Marvel Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special Lego Advent Calendar 2022 

Every Marvel fan was so excited to see the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special this year – released on 25th November. But what better way to keep that excitement going for the Marvel fan you know (or yourself – no one ever said you shouldn’t gift yourself, did they?) than the 2022 Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Lego Marvel Advent Calendar. 

It’s packed with all the GotG goodies you could want, with every door to be opened uncovering a surprise. There’s 6 Lego Marvel minifigures including Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot and Mantis, plus mini builds and Guardians of the Galaxy accessories – including the Guardians’ spaceship and a snowman in Thanos’s armour! 

UK – Argos – £24 – 

USA – Walmart – $35.99 – 

 – Richard Bruton 

Star Wars Funko Pop Advent Calendar

Star Wars Funko Pop Fans? Yes, there’s an Advent Calendar for you! 

If Star Wars Lego’s not really your thing and you prefer the delights of Funko Pops, then don’t despair, there’s still an advent calendar out there for you as well! 

Yes, this years’ Star Wars Funko Advent Calendar means it really is the season to be Jedi – or Sith, hey, whatever you want to be is fine by us! 

Each of the 24 doors has one of 24 unique Funko Pocket Pops from the Star Wars Universe, all with a seasonal twist (and all so much better than the Star Wars Holiday Special!) 

UK – Magic Madhouse – £37.95 – 

US – Target – $49.99 – 

 – Richard Bruton 

Six Dollar Shirts

I am personally very picky about my T-Shirts. I hate shirts with too many words, with too blatant references, with too busy art, and shirts that EVERYONE is wearing. It can be quite a challenge for me to find new shirts to wear.

Six Dollar Shirts has a little of everything for everyone. They have shirts with pop culture references, comics references, movie references, original art, funny sayings, sports references… Whatever your fandom, you’ll find something. Best part? The price point is (almost) right in the name of the business. The base line of shirts costs SIX BUCKS (and fifty cents). They do have some nine and twelve dollar options, but there really are a ton of great shirts for the six and a half.

Check out the selection here.

-Brendan M. Allen

Hallmark Ornaments

Decorate with your fandom this Christmas season!

Everyone needs a new decoration for the holidays, so why not get a new themed ornament from Hallmark? If you want your tree to look like it came from a galaxy far, far away then you can’t go wrong with a hanging Grogu! Or perhaps you’re more of a Pokemon fan, how about a Pikachu with a Santa hat?

These make the cutest addition to any decorations and the best thing about them is they don’t have to go on a tree, you can hang them anywhere and they’ll look amazing! And most of them (excluding a few large ornaments) are $9.99 (£7)

UK –

US –

 – Richard Bruton 

Marvel Replicas

Can you wield the shield? Can you swing Stormbeaker like Thor? Find out with Marvel Replicas!

You’ve seen your favorite heroes stop the bad guys, well now it’s your turn with the phenomenal Hasbro range of screen accurate Marvel replicas, the Marvel Legend Series, that would make the perfect gift for every Marvel fan. Whether their favorite hero is Iron Man or Spider-Man there is something for all! 

Prices vary depending on the replica, ranging from around £80 to around £150 and are available online at many different stores including HMV, Forbidden Planet, and Forbidden Planet International in the UK and Entertainment Earth, Big Bad Toy Store, and Zavvi in the USA.

 – Richard Bruton 


Be your fashionable best with Loungefly!

If you’re looking for something more practical AND fashionable, you can’t go wrong with a Loungefly. Wear your fandom with pride! 

There’s something for everyone – if you know a fan of it, there’s a bag for it. And if you’re looking for something smaller, they do a large range of other accessories such as wallets, pins and keychains!

Many people use these bags if they are visiting the Disney theme parks as they’re a really nice way to show who you’re a fan of and carry all your belongings with you so if you know anyone visiting the Disney parks next year, this would be a really practical gift! 

Loungefly backpack prices can vary from $75 to $90 or £75 to £85 depending on the theme, there are also usually quite a few on sale which are worth looking at. 

UK –

US –

 – Richard Bruton 


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