TV Review: ‘Wednesday’ Season 1, Episode 6

by Frank Martin

Wednesday is truly amazing for all the different genres and plot lines it juggles at once. It has been a teenage drama, a black comedy, and a family drama all across the backdrop of an investigative mystery wrapped in the supernatural. But through all of that, the show never really dealt with suspense and danger. There were certainly suspenseful moments when Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) was in danger, but it wasn’t really the focus of an entire episode. That changed with Episode 6.

After the family drama of the previous episode, Wednesday returns to the mystery of the monster in the woods. She dismisses attempts to celebrate her birthday, focusing on trying to invoke Goody Adams and learn more about her powers instead. Still standoffish with the sheriff (Jamie McShane), she follows the lead that ultimately results in her becoming a witness to the attempted murder of the mayor. In order to further figure out what’s going on, she takes Tyler (Hunter Doohan) and Enid (Emma Myers) on a dangerous mission that results in the monster nearly killing them. Threatened by both the sheriff and Principal Weems (Gwendoline Christie), the closing moments see Wednesday’s resolve towards solving the crime strengthen.

A lot more information towards the mystery was revealed too, giving viewers a glimpse as to where things are headed. It turns out that the boy whom her father was accused of killing is part of a family that is connected to the crimes. The show is bringing its plot full circle, and characters are facing serious threats in the process. What’s even greater is that Wednesday is dismissing the consequences of solving the crime because it’s become apparent someone is pulling her strings from behind the scenes. Six episodes in and Wednesday is hitting all the right notes to be one of the best shows Netflix has to offer.

Wednesday is now streaming on Netflix.

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