Marvel’s Cutest Monster Finally Hits Print In March’s ‘It’s Jeff’!

by Tony Thornley

Jeff the Landshark has been a fan favorite since his debut in West Coast Avengers. Now his cult fave Marvel Unlimited series is hitting print for the first time in March with It’s Jeff #1.

Collecting the hit digital series from Kelly Thompson & Gurihiru, the over-sized one-shot will bring Jeff to print for the first time since Thompson’s Deadpool. It will also feature a new story from the creative team!

From Marvel’s press release: The ingenious, the extraordinary, the unbearably innocent Jeff chomps his way across the Marvel Universe! You thought it was safe doing laundry or going for a leisurely swim in the pool…but no activity can protect against Jeff’s cuteness! Jeff’s hijinks features a who’s who cast of Marvel characters including the Avengers, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and many, many more!

“I suspect I’m more excited than anyone to have this print edition in my hands, and I say that while knowing it’s probably the single most asked fan question I’ve gotten over the last year — so I’m happy for all of us that it’s finally happening!” Thompson said. “Working on It’s Jeff with Gurihiru has been pure joy. They are masterful storytellers and are also masters of CUTE. Both vital things when making a mostly wordless comic about an adorable landshark just trying to do the right thing and also to EAT all of the things.”

Check out the cover above and be sure to pick up It’s Jeff #1 on March 29, 2023!

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