Review Round Up: All Last Week’s Comic Book Reviews For Your Reading Pleasure

by Olly MacNamee

Once again it was a relatively busy week for us here at Comicon HQ with another good and varied selection of titles for your consideration.

Scott Redmond posted the following reviews:

  1. Marauders #9 (Marvel)
  2. Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1 (Marvel)
  3. Immortal X-Men #9 (Marvel)
  4. Strange Academy: Finals #2 (Marvel)
  5. Peter Parker & Miles Morales Spider-Men: Double Trouble #1 (Marvel)
  6. Poison Ivy #7 (DC Comics)
  7. Detective Comics 2022 Annual (DC Comics)

Tom Smithyman reviewed the following comic books:

  1. Blood Stained Teeth #7 (Image Comics)
  2. That Texas Blood #20 (Image Comics)
  3. It’s Only Teenage Wasteland #1 (Dark Horse Comics)

Tony Thornley looked at the following titles:

  1. All Against Us #1 (Image Comics)
  2. X-Terminators #3 (Image Comics)

And, finally, I got in on the action this week too with the following reviews:

  1. Canary #4 (comiXology Originals)
  2. American Jesus: Revelation #2 (Image Comics)

And, that’s your lot for another week. Any there that take your fancy after reading our reviews? Or, any you will avoid?

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