Digital Extreme And Airship Syndicate Combine For New MMO ‘Wayfinder’

by Sage Ashford

Airship Syndicate has announced their latest game, the action MMORPG Wayfinder. Looking like a cross between Torchlight and Battle Chasers, Wayfinder is the next game coming out of publisher Digital Extreme that was originally announced during Summer Game Fest.

In Wayfinder, players will be invited to work together with friends to battle against the Chaos attacking the world of Evenor. Like any good loot-focused game, players will be able to travel through the world either solo or with friends to take on a variety of enemies and challenges, earning materials to craft new weapons and even new Wayfinders. The difference though is players will have an item known as a Gloom Dagger, which lets them fight back against the Chaos attacking their world, known as the Gloom.

With the Gloom Dagger, players will be able to control what sort of Chaos they deal with, in everything from the type of enemies to the environment. Their home page promises that in this respect, no two adventures will be the same. The players will even be able to add certain mutators to control what sort of materials they collect.

Wayfinder will be launching sometime next year for consoles and PC, but up until then players will be able to register on their website to sign up for their series of beta tests.

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