GlobalComix Offers A Year-Long Gift Subscription For Just $49.99

by Brendan M. Allen

This holiday season, give the gift of unlimited reading. GlobalComix is offering a Digital Gift Subscription that features a personal access code for only $49.99, which includes a year-long subscription of unlimited new comics, graphic novels, and manga, available on any digital device. 

Participating publishers at GlobalComix are also feeling the spirit because for a limited time Dren Productions is slashing up to 20% off their catalog prices, Yali Dream Works takes off up to 30%, and Pocket Jacks Comics are up to 50% off. Many creators and publishers are also offering PDF bundles at discounted prices, giving collectors the perfect chance to stock their digital book shelves with their favorites.

This is an opportunity for GlobalComix and their partners to give even more back to comics readers, its creators, and the comics community—and what better way than to give and get comics for a whole year. For now, for later, for anytime because the codes never expire.  

The GlobalComix Digital Gift Subscription sale ends Jan. 1st, 2023. 

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