The Experience Plans A Second George Perez Tribute This Friday

by Erik Amaya

The Experience continues to honor the life and work of George Perez this Friday with another collection of rare pieces.

The tribute will also feature another set of Perez’s iconic custom shirts hand-made by his wife Carol Flynn. The majority of proceeds from the sales will go to Flynn. Additional items on offer will include five pieces from Thanos vs. Hulk by Jim Starlin and Andy Smith — one a double page splash — recreations by Bob Layton of the covers to Amazing Spider-Man #129 (first appearance of the Punisher)Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man #32, and Iron Man #80; a page by Ron Garney and Christopher Ivy from Ghost Rider #42; a stunning John Romita Jr. and Tom Palmer page from Avengers #7. Also, Dealer The Artist’s Choice will offe the rare chance to get authenticated sharpies used by John Romita Sr. for countless autographs. Further Perez-focused pieces include a Christmas themed shirt and a trading card from the Eclipse Famous Comic Book Creators set from 1992.

The Experience original art show begins at 7pm ET/4pm PT on Friday, December 16th. Those interested in the shirts, art, and the show can head over to the episode’s landing page on YouTube.

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