Francis Manapul Is The Latest Superstar Artist To Contribute Interconnecting Covers For ‘The Walking Dead Deluxe’

by Olly MacNamee

Part of what I’ve enjoyed about the newly-coloured reprints of The Walking Dead series is the artists they’ve commissioned to create interconnecting covers. The latest artist being Francis Manapul, who will be producing covers for The Walking Dead Deluxe #55-60, written by Robert Kirkman with art by Charlie Adlard.

“Francis Manapul’s incredible instincts when it comes to capturing memorable scenes made him the perfect choice as our next guest artist for this new set of connecting covers for The Walking Dead Deluxe. We find Rick and company on the road again in #55 and Francis immediately pulls us into that haunting atmosphere where memories from the past still linger. Things will begin to change for the group over this six-cover arc though, so be sure to look out for the second half!”  – Amanda LaFranco (Editor)

The Walking Dead Deluxe #55 will be out on Wednesday, January 18th, 2023

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