House Of X: Previewing ‘X-Men Annual #1’, ‘Sabretooth & The Exiles’ #2 And ‘Wolverine’ #26

by Olly MacNamee

Two new X-Men previews to share with you ahead of their release on Wednesday 21st December from Marvel. We have X-Men Annual #1, Wolverine #26 and Sabretooth & the Exiles #2 too.

X-Men Annual #1

Writer: Steve Foxe
Artist: Andrea Di Vito
Colours: Sebastian Cheng
Letters: Clayton Cowles


In a surprising turn of events, Firestar, who had not yet fully embraced Krakoa, was elected to the X-Men at the Hellfire Gala. Her history with her mutant nature is a tumultuous one for many reasons…but her record as a hero is exemplary. Can she wrestle with her past in time to rise to the occasion thrust upon her?”

Sabretooth & the Exiles #2

Written by: Victor LaValle
Art by: Leonard Kirk, Rain Beredo

“MUTINY AMONG THE EXILES! SABRETOOTH is at the helm…but for how long? As DR. BARRINGTON’S plans are revealed, the EXILES chart a course for unknown danger…and deadly revenge!”

Cover by: Ryan Stegman, Frank Martin, J. P. Mayer

Wolverine #26

Written by: Benjamin Percy
Art by: Juan Jose Ryp, Frank D’Armata

“WOLVERINE DESCENDS INTO THE PIT! The Pit of Exile on Krakoa is the ultimate punishment for mutants who break the laws of mutantdom—and WOLVERINE’s just cursed himself to its depths! But what is really at stake, and what does KRAKOA itself know that BEAST does not about Logan’s SECRET MISSIONS?”

Cover by: Leinil Francis Yu, Romulo Fajardo Jr.

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