The Comicon Advent Calendar: Day 21 – A Wired World Nativity For Christmas

by Richard Bruton

Time for another moment of Christmas comic greatness, just for our Comicon Advent Calendar for the year. It’s Philip Bond’s fabulous Deadline strip, Wired World… and a Christmas miracle…


A magnificent strip from the days of Deadline, Bond’s Wired World told the tales of Pippa and Liz, fresh and fun things, the strip and the characters both. Every appearance was just so enjoyable, something that managed to be both down to earth and fanciful, equally likely to see the girls off down the off-licence for a booze shop and have a crisis when they find it closed as it was to have a mad scientist turn up with a time machine (which the girls obviously used to go back to when the off-license was open so they could pick up the booze.

But in Deadline #14 (Dec/Jan 1989/1990) we had a Wired World that started off wonderfully fanciful and out there and just went with it… beginning with the virginal Pippa coming in and telling Liz that she’s pregnant…

Queue comedic race to the local hospital’s maternity department and, what do you know? There’s no room at the hospital… apart from a little caretaker’s hut with some old equipment in it at the end of the car park.

The nativity only gets sillier and funnier as three DJs turn up – idiots bearing gifts and looking a lot like certain obnoxious celebs of the time – meaning that the girls end the night with a blank cheque, a Rolex, and the keys to a Porsche.

And of course, Pippa wasn’t up the duff in the end, just one of those things… but hey, at least they got all that free stuff out of it, and isn’t that “the real meaning of Christmas?”

Wonderful stuff from Bond, as were all of those Wired Worlds… and seriously, why the hell hasn’t there been a collection of them by now? Absolutely ridiculous.

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