Destiny Fulfilled: Emma Frost Joins ‘Invincible Iron Man’ In April

by Tony Thornley

It started with a time-travel inspired scribble on a chalkboard. Ever since, it’s been hinted at and referenced. Now that destiny might be fulfilled- this April, Emma Frost, the future Mrs. Stark, joins Invincible Iron Man!

Teaser by Kael Ngu

The first issue of Gerry Duggan and Juan Frigeri’s Invincible Iron Man showed the beginning of Tony Stark’s fall from grace. Thanks to a new poster from Marvel, we know he’s about to get some diamond studded help from none other than the White Queen Emma Frost. Could this be where the long-predicted Stark-Frost romance begins? Or are the time travelers just full of hogwash?

I guess we’ll find out in April’s Invincible Iron Man #5, out on April 26.

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