Review: ‘The Magic Order 3’ #6 And One Last Sleight Of Hand

by Olly MacNamee


‘The Magic Order 3’ #6 delivers one last sleight of hand that readers should not be able to see coming, and as a result delivers a series finale that shocks and surprises. And, like all good magicians, the truth was in front of all our eyes from the very start of this engaging and entertaining issue. Now that’s magic, from Mark Millar and Gigi Cavenago.


Much like many Mark Millar ascribes series, the final issue of the most recent season, The Magic Order 3 #6, has a few last minute twists and turns to deliver to its readers. One last sleight of hand to set up a future series of this punk-rock Harry Potter fantasy saga. But, maybe for those more pessimistically minded, you may at least half-guess the origin of the trouble that rears its head by the closing pages. Although, I imagine, for most the revelation will be shocking. A last minute turn of hand that no-one will see coming. And, like the magicians in the book, Millar delivers one last illusion to make his audience gasp.

We get further insight into the troubled childhoods of half-siblings Regan and Cordelia, as we witness their mother leaving them, just as Regan – the traitor in the family’s midst – is being exiled from the Magic Order forever. A sombre moment for all involved. A moment of reflection ahead of the larger, more dramatic, revelations of the issue just as the curtain comes down on the act. From sombre to shocking in just a few turns of the page. Machinations are exposed and we also get the return of Sammy Lui. But not for any good reason. No, judging by his involvement and the revelation of the real threat to the Magic Order being exposed, volume four seems that it will be a rather sensational sequel to what has come before. 

Along for the ride is the smooth, silky lifework of artist Gigi Cavenago, who brings alive the darker recesses of the Magic Order as a weird and wonderful secret world to be found juts within the shadows and on the fringes of reality. A dark, nefarious but wonderfully designed world in which magic lurks , and plots. The Magic Order is a world of dark tones and even darker secrets. The cooler colours that Valentina Napolitana employs in helping to establish this secretive world only accentuates this otherworldly atmosphere. A world just out of view, and one with many hidden dangers.

And so, at the end, we have the promise of ‘The Wizard War’ and a follow up series that’s only a few weeks off. A rather impressive output from Mark Millar, given how often we wait a good deal of time in between Millarworld sequels. Nemesis: Reloaded being a fine example of this. But, I for one, am enjoying The Magic Order and the recent series Millar and his fellow collaborators are currently releasing, almost as an ongoing series. And, like all good stage illusionists, The Magic Order 3 #6 will leave you wanting more. 

The Magic Order 3 #6 is out now from Image Comics

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