House Of X: Previewing This Week’s ‘X-Men’ Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Four new X-Men titles out this week: X-Men Legends #5, X-Men Red #10, X-Force #36 and Marauders #10, all out Wednesday 4th January from Marvel

X-Men Legends #5

Written by: Brian Haberlin, Whilce Portacio
Art by: Whilce Portacio, Arif Prianto


THE FUTURE IS NOW! Legendary Whilce Portacio returns to his iconic co-creation in an all-new tale that finally reveals the genesis of BISHOP’s time travel mission that pulled him from the future into the X-MEN’s present! BISHOP, MALCOLM and RANDALL, who make up the elite OMEGA SQUAD, have discovered a dark truth about the X.S.E. After a mission goes sideways, how far will they be willing to go to make this right? To the past—and beyond! Bishop will make the most shocking decision in X-MEN LEGENDS history that will redefine what you thought you knew about mutantkind’s future and the reason behind Bishop’s collision with the X-Men!

Cover by: Whilce Portacio, Arif Prianto

X-Men Red #10

Written by: Al Ewing
Art by: Stefano Caselli, Chris Sotomayor, Federico Blee

IT’S ALL LED UP TO THIS! In the blazing ruins of the Autumn Palace, Storm battles for the soul of Arakko! Meanwhile, Abigail Brand and Roberto Da Costa play their last cards—and a sinister hand deals the Ace of Spades. You won’t believe where the Brotherhood goes from here…

Cover by: Russell Dauterman

X-Force #36

Written by: Benjamin Percy
Art by: Christopher Allen, Guru-eFX

XENO STRIKES! THE MAN WITH THE PEACOCK TATTOO has had his sights on X-Force for some time, and when DOMINO, DEADPOOL and OMEGA RED embark on a mission, they will fall right into his clutches! Be here for the first issue of the XENO saga finale, as the team closes in on the Man with the Peacock Tattoo, and the full breadth of his plans are finally revealed!

Cover by: Dean White, Joshua Cassara

Marauders #10

Written by: Steve Orlando
Art by: Eleonora Carlini, Matt Milla


With all of known history in the balance, Bishop and Psylocke lead a last-ditch strike to retake the past from its twin bacterial tyrants. Dangers mount! Can Pryde escape an unbreathing prison in time to rescue not just her crew, but the foundations of mutant society itself?”

Cover by: Peach Momoko

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