Advance Review: It’s The Last Supper In `Blood Stained Teeth’ #8

by Tom Smithyman


Blood Stained Teeth continues its strong run with a creative team that is firing on all cylinders. The great story and artwork are punctuated by Heather Moore’s amazing colors, which have a near-vampiric ability to suck the reader in.


Celebrity chefs are all the rage these days. From Gordon Ramsey to Bobby Flay, popular culture is rife with unique preparations of amuse-bouches, pork bellies and parsley foams. But when one of those culinary artists is a vampire, the meal can take a strange turn.

As part of his quest to kill the sips, or vampires he’s created for profit, Atticus Sloane’s sights for this issue are focused on a creature known only as the Head Chef. The chef’s restaurant, the Lobster Tank, served only first-born or original vampires, and their female guests. The humans enjoy their last meals while the blood suckers get to snack on a very raw entrée.

It’s a fun story from writer Christian Ward, who has pivoted away from an earlier focus on the vampire of the month. There’s a larger game being played here, and it turns out that Sloane is the one being hunted. It’s a smart and entertaining move that should keep readers engaged.

Artist Patric Reynolds continues his strong run on the series with some horrifying – though not disturbing – images ranging from the past and present. A highlight is a fire that affects vampires and the terrifying Mr. Tooth.

The real star of the book – and perhaps the entire series – is colorist Heather Moore. Moore’s psychedelic colors, particularly during the fire, set the title apart from other offerings. Her attention to detail is second to none, for example, giving a purple hue over the part of Sloane’s face that is covered by his sunglasses. It’s such a small detail that would be easy to miss even on a second or third reading. But it adds a level of authenticity to a series firmly rooted in fiction.

Blood Stained Teeth continues its strong run with a creative team that is cooking up a great story. That’s a meal that any comic fan would love.

Blood Stained Teeth #8 will be available for purchase tomorrow.

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