Adult Animation Revolution: The Best Anime Of 2022

by Tito W. James

Whether you’re a long time watcher or a new fan, 2022 was a great year for anime. The following is a list of superb anime from this past year you won’t want to miss.


Inu-Oh is a revisionist historical rock opera from visionary director Masaaki Yuasa and Studio Science Saru. Based on the novel by Hideo FurukawaInu-Oh takes place in 14th century Japan, and revolves around “Sarugaku” performances. This is the final film Yuasa was able to work on before his retirement. Inu-Oh is an ode to the power of music and artistic freedom from a true anime auteur.

Chainsaw Man

In a world where devils are born from human fears, a young depressed man named Denji forms a contract with a doglike devil with the power of chainsaws and becomes Chainsaw Man. The manga, creator, Tatsuki Fujimoto (Fire Punch) was inspired by FLCL and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The result is a bizarre blend of action, horror, and indie-film character dynamics.

Spy X Family

Spy x Family is an anime series about a spy, Loid Forger, who must assemble a family as cover for his covert missions. Unbeknownst to Loid, his new wife, Yor Forger, is a deadly assassin! The only one who knows both parents’ secret identities is their psychic adopted daughter Anya. With equal doses of intrigue and wholesome “moe” this is a series that’s fun for the whole family.

Blue Lock

Blue Lock is about a group of eccentric soccer players who train in a mysterious facility. If you’re not into sports, there’s no need to worry. Blue Lock is to soccer what Kakegurui is to gambling– complete with thrills and sexual tension. This exploration of an athlete’s ego, the nature of competition, and Battle Royale prove to be a winning combination.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners

Based on the video game by CD Projekt Red and animated by Studio Trigger (Kill La Kill, PromareCyberpunk: Edgerunners is an anime that follows a street kid who becomes a mercenary called an Edgerunner to survive the high-tech world of Night City. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners wears its influences of Ghost in the Shell, Akira, and Bladerunner on its sleeves. Director Hiroyuki Imaishi and Studio Trigger have not only paid homage to the great cyberpunk stories that came before but made a worthy contribution to the cyberpunk genre as a whole.

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