Review: ‘Sidereal Apogee’ #3 Is Stylistic

by Benjamin Hall


In the main tale lethal soldiers of fortune, along with an original artificial intelligence, assault a manufacturing facility. Their first goal is to deal with the various battle droids running amuck. However, their other goal is a mystery. Will anyone survive this adventure to learn the answers?

In the back-up tale unusual events happen to intersect the paths of multiple patrons of a bar. Yet, how much unusual action can one establishment really have?


The main story of Sidereal Apogee #3 (2019) features the work of writer/letterer Phoebe A. Xavier, artist Mu Mu SF, with additional color accenting by artist/colorist KingdomMadeTheHallow. Though the coloring is not truly worth noting due to how everything pretty much looks black, white, and gray. Thus, no one can really see any of it. Yet, one can at least tell that some kind of hues are supposedly in existence. The same is mostly true of the second story which features somewhat the same technique, with the exception of a rainbow window visual. KingdomMadeTheHallow is fully responsible for the coloring effects of this back-up tale. While artist Octavia Moon provides the art and Phoebe Xavier handles the text.

Sidereal Apogee #3 (2019) cover by Kiel Bryant

Mu Mu SF definitely shines in terms of style. In particular Mu Mu SF balances designs of futuristic technology with elements that would be supernatural in other stories. While Octavia Moon uses a more realistic and smoother style. Moon also has to incorporate more fantastical elements in a somewhat real world setting. Between the two artists it is Moon who has the more consistent designs. However, it is debatable which artist has the more confident line work. Yet, it is not debatable that both artists create high quality visuals.

Xavier does a good enough job with the letterings placement in both stories. However, the sizing creates some inappropriate suggestions of vocal volumes in certain moments. Yet, the font is always readable. As far as Xavier’s writing goes there is abundance of good character moments. Xavier also nails what is arguably the hardest part of comic book scripting in that she lets the art show enough of the narrative. She also is able to have each character feel different in personality. Finally she is good at tightly plotting each story in this issue while providing believable endings.

According to Phoebe A. Xavier Sidereal Apogee #3 will be available for download once she gets the company website up and running.

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