James Tynion IV Teases His New Image Comics’ Series ‘W0rldtr33’ With Cover Reveal

by Olly MacNamee

James Tynion IV has a new series coming out with Image Comics called W0rldtr33 and while we don’t get a sneak peek we do get a cover setting the tone for the series from his Razorblades collaborator artist Fernando Blanco (Detective Comics, Catwoman).

“In 1999, Gabriel, Amanda, Liam, Yoshi, and Darren discovered what they dubbed the Undernet—a secret architecture beneath the internet. They charted their exploration of the Undernet on a private message board called W0rldtr33. Then they lost control. And unleashed unimaginable horrors.”

Tynion IV had this to say about this new sci-fi/horror comic:

“I think W0rldtr33 might be the most frightening thing I’ve ever written. This story has been living in my head for such a long time, and I’m thrilled that Fernando, Jordie, Aditya, and I are finally going to bring it all to life.”

W0rldtr33 #1 will be available out on Wednesday, April 1st from Image Comics.

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