Adult Animation Revolution: Watch All Of The Gobelins Animated Shorts Of 2022

by Tito W. James

Gobelins Visual Arts School is known for stunning animated shorts produced by their graduating students. The variety of art styles and maturity of subject matter has garnered praise and attention from animation fans and pros worldwide. I hope to see more animated series and films with this animation quality and stylistic variety in the near future. Watch the full list of Gobelins animated shorts below.

As summer ends, Ren’s bandmates and childhood friends are leaving for college. He struggles to write the lyrics of their final song.

A respected chef from a lineage of sushi makers attempts to connect with his son through the shared knowledge of the family trade. Tensions arise as he begins to notice a strange pattern of behavior in the young boy.

Magnifica, young Costa Rican harpist, is preparing for her concert at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels where she studies with her fiancé.

After completing her quest, an immortal warrior returns to her family. She realizes that nothing is the same as before, and will have to find a purpose for her new life.

In a small town, a funeral is held after the death of a gardener. Three brothers find themselves lost in their imaginations on the day of the burial.

What if it were possible to meet one another in our sleep? One night, three strangers find themselves in a Hotel of dreams. They must navigate this strange world together before dawn.

In a fantasy world, a griffin embraces his fate and goes on an epic journey to find a legendary creature: The Human.

Under the shadow of a mysterious Mountain in a remote part of South Africa, where legends of the local Sepedi people say that those who go there never come back, Thato has to face her fears in order to save her sick brother.

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