A Revolting Development: ‘The Magic Order 4’ #1 Advance Review

by Olly MacNamee


‘The Magic Order 4’ #1 is one part supernatural horror story and one part bloody revolution as we pick up, swiftly, from events revealed at the end of the last series. A fast-paced set of events suggesting that time is of the essence if this particular revolution is to succeed. But can it? After all, as any magician will tell you, not everything you see is real. A strong start to the latest chapter in the Moonstone family saga.


With the event of the last series of The Magic Order still fresh in readers’ minds, and especially fresh in the minds of the Magic Order’s members across the globe, there isn’t a better time to revolt. And, as is the way with revolutions, they are bloody. Mark Millar and new incoming artist Dike Ruan set up this fourth series with plenty of supernatural takedowns with one member in particular seeming to feel he has no choice but to join in, and stand against Cordelia Moonstone. A character worth keeping an eye, methinks as he finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place. Or, should that be Moonstone and a hard place? 

Ruan’s artwork is a great fit for this book, reminiscent of previous artist Stuart Immonen with a splash of Scott Campbell thrown in for good measure. Millar certainly knows how to pick ‘em and poach ‘em, but it’s a surefire way to continue to elevate this series and int your regular pull list. Having originally skipped on the first series, I can say that with some conviction as this magic-based melodrama is now very much a comic I look forward to reading each and every month. It’s a grand family saga that intrigues and surprises while continuing to world-build too. And, as it is a book all about magic, a big part of the entertainment is the ways in which the Magic Order members across the world are taken down. Anything is possible, which makes second guessing difficult. So, just lean into the horror, the breathless drama and the sensational art. 

For me, The Magic Order 4 #1 can be best summed up as Harry Potter (but with more diversity; a LOT more!) meets Stephen King and out this Wednesday from Image Comics

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