Advance Review: The Gods Come To Earth In `Hunt. Kill. Repeat’ #1

by Tom Smithyman


Strong visuals and vibrant colors help this book to overcome a familiar plot and not-so-shocking plot twists. The story is fine, but something you’ll feel like you’ve read many times over.


If you thought you were sick of technology, imagine how the Greek gods must feel.

Ticked off that everyone is on their phones instead of in the temple worshipping them, Zeus has led his children to take over the Earth in Hunt. Kill. Repeat. #1. Technology, it seems, is no match for godly powers, and humanity is quickly subjugated.

A few deities give up their powers, including Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. She falls in love with a human and gets pregnant. When dad Zeus finds out, well let’s just say that the family reunion is going to be a bit smaller.

Writer Mark London crafts an interesting, if not overly original, tale of the vengeance of the gods. Most of the characters seem fairly one-dimensional despite the first issue being oversized. Two time jumps in a single issue can also be a bit much. And for a title called Hunt. Kill. Repeat., there’s not nearly enough bloodshed, at least in this initial chapter. There’s also a plot “twist” that can be seen a mile away. Still, there’s plenty of good material and interesting plot threads for the series to find inspiration from.

Artist Francesco Archidiacono, assisted by Marc Deering on inks, imbues the story with more life. There are some great battle sequences as the gods make short work of the puny human resistance. The pair also draws a beautiful Manhattan skyline – now renamed Olympus, New York – including an image of Freedom Tower seen just over the new Pantheon.

Lee Loughridge’s golden colors help the godly images to pop off the page. It’s a clever use of color that adds quite a bit to the pages. Furthermore, even the human zealots are particularly frightening thanks to their golden armor.

The series’ initial installment works well because of the visuals. If London and the creative team are able to elevate the story a bit, they could have a successful story on their hands.

Hunt. Kill. Repeat. #1 will be available for purchase on March 1, 2023.

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