Advance Review: ‘Gargoyles’ #2 Continues To Set-Up Things

by Benjamin Hall


The saga of Disney’s ‘The Gargoyles’ continues. Maggie The Cat and her yet born child face danger. Meanwhile a long time gangster is making a return to the streets. Yet, which of these problems will The Gargoyles resolve first, and will they be in time to save lives?


Writer Greg Weisman continues to set-up the plot of this arc while also re-establishing characters. Also Weisman does make the characterization feel like a continuation of the cartoon. Unfortunately, this is also a bit detrimental to this issue, due to how readers who have yet to watch the show may suffer confusion (Gargoyles [1994-1997]). This flaw specifically comes about regarding how certain characters act or react during the final story pages. Weisman’s scripting also creates a problem for illustrator George Kamabadais when it comes to pacing. Meaning that certain events seem to take longer sequentially which results in a disruptive pace. Despite these problems this story arc may turn out better in a collection.

Gargoyles #2 (2023) Cover B art by Amanda Conner

Packager and editor Nate Cosby somewhat fails this issue due to how the Dynamite Entertainment interview of Weisman and Kambadais takes up space. However, this interview will presumably be helpful for die-hard fans and casual readers.

Letterer Jeff Eckleberry does a good job with placement and sizing. Yet, the style of the font is (arguably) merely okay.

George Kamabadais does a great keeping the color palette consistent for the interiors. Also the art seems to have cleaner line work than in the previous issue (Gargoyles #1 [2022]). Kambadais also provides art for variant covers G, K, and Z. Although the art is overall good the perspective is questionable. Not to mention that the lack of colors on cover Z negates some of the beauty of the work.

Artist Amanda Conner creates two variant cover images. The variant covers she produces are B, H, J, N, O, and T. Covers B, J, O and T feature an image of the Gargoyles gliding through the city, and the design looks amazing with or without hues. Though the purple line art of cover J may appeal more to students of art forms than others. Subjectively the image on display on covers H and N is okay as a visual. While the additional framing on cover H is a questionable aesthetic choice it will possibly draw in more potential buyers.

Gargoyles #2 (2023) Cover F art by Tony Fleecs and Trish Forstner

The image that adorns the retailer exclusive Big Country Comics variant covers is by artist Mike Rooth. While the hues work on both the one with a trade dress arguably looks better due to the contrast.

Covers U, V, and ZB feature the same image by variant cover artist Ken Haeser. While they all have confident and thick line work the two with colors (U and ZB) seem more attention-grabbing

Artist Lucio Parrillo is responsible for the image on covers C, P, and Y. Unfortunately, despite the art looking high quality on all the covers the lack of color on Y faces the same problem as Kamabadais’s cover Z.

Covers E, R, and X feature an image by Jae Lee that does not fully fit with the modeling standards from the cartoon. This is due to the characters looking rather grim. Though it is still a high quality piece of art by other standards. This is mainly due to the lines displaying Lee’s confidence in his abilities. Speaking of quality, covers E and R are arguably of a higher level than W due to the work of colorist Jose Villarubia. Without Villarubia’s work there really isn’t the same sense of gothic fantasy to the piece. Unfortunately, this gothic fantasy is hurt by the imbalance of a black background and shading for texture.

Gargoyles #2 (2023) Cover U art by Ken Haeser

The covers A, I, S, and ZC, are by artist David Nakyama. They all feature a generic action moment, and the ones with color have too narrow a range.

Variant cover L is by artist Brent Schoonover and colorist Alberto Silva. It is a nice image in terms of the color palette and the differing depictions of the gargoyle Angela.

Artist Lesley “Leirix” Li handles the creation of covers D, Q, and ZA image which has a great background, but a debatable perspective. Covers D and ZA have a more even balance than Q due to having the trade dress on them.

The variant covers F, M, and W feature an image by artists Tony Fleecs and Trish Forstner. While the image is cute for all three versions the lack of color on W again causes a lessening of quality.

Gargoyles #2 will see release on January 25 from Dynamite Entertainment.

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