‘Black Cloak’ #1 From Image Comics Heads For A Second Printing

by Olly MacNamee

Writer Kelly Thompson and artist Meredith McClaren have a sure fire hit in their hands with fantasy/mystery series Black Cloak #1 selling out at distribution level. And so, Image Comics have ordered a second printing.

“Catering directly to fans of Saga and Blade Runner, Black Cloak offers readers a dramatic and delectable fantasy/sci-fi blend. The adventure begins when two Black Cloaks try to solve the murder of a beloved prince in Kiros—the last city in the known world—before his murder tips the city into war.”

On this great news, Thompson said:

“Making a new comic is such a weird little high-stakes thing where you put all your money, time, heart, and sweat into it and then just sort of… send it out into the world with your dreams all embarrassingly attached to it, hoping some people get what you’re trying to do. And so when you find your people and they tell you they get it, it really does mean everything,” said Thompson. “We love that you get it! You are our people.”

And, McClaren succinctly added:

“Oh good. You like it.”

So, look out for Black Cloak #1 second printing will be out on Wednesday, February 22 from Image Comics

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