Image Comics Announces ‘Junk Rabbit’ And First Look

by Olly MacNamee

Bob Queen’s creator Jimmie Robinson (Bomb Queen) takes climate disaster as its main theme in new Image Comics/Shadowline sci-fi series Junk Rabbit.

“In Junk Rabbit, a new hero rises from heaps of consumer waste, mass homelessness, and devastating climate change. Some call the hero a myth, an urban legend, but others know that it’s the Junk Rabbit come to life—and now it’s on a bloody path of revenge against those who created it.

This new enviro-thriller explores a worst-case-scenario that alters not only our world and the heroes that literally rise from its ashes—but also how one family can change the future by unlocking the secret of the Junk Rabbit”

Here’s Robinson with the last word, for now:

“The iconic heroes of today will not reflect the future we inherit. Junk Rabbit was born from the idea that the trash we discard today creates the heroes we deserve tomorrow. I’m excited to explore this series through Image/Shadowline Comics because they understand that new ideas and stories creates the comics we deserve tomorrow.”

And now for that preview:


Junk Rabbit #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, April 5th from Image Comics/Shadowline.

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