Marvel’s Strombreakers Homage Famous Art Movements In March Variants

by Tony Thornley

Marvel’s Stormbreakers Class of 2023 continues to impress. In March’s latest series of variant covers by the up and coming superstars, the artists pay homage to famous art movements from history.

Maybe there are too many variants in the industry today, but these covers are just too cool to include in that debate. They include:

·       C.F. Villa: Mexican Muralism

·       Elena Casagrande: Russian Fairytale Art

·       Martin Coccolo: Pinturas Negras 

·       Lucas Werneck: Art Nouveau

·       Jan Bazaldua: Surrealism

·       Chris Allen: Dada

·       Federico Vicentini: Pop Art

·       Nic Klein: German Renaissance

Check out the full gallery and be sure to pick up your favorites in March! Watch for more Stormbreaker covers throughout the year.

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