Furry Fun And Gory Going-Ons: Reviewing ‘Plush’ #3

by Olly MacNamee


‘Plush’ #3 sees our hapless hero and seemingly Stockholm Syndrome suffering doofus, Devin, follow his cannibal killing saviours to their family home. And, as you’d expect, it’s not the cosiest of dwellings. Humour, horror and… hopeless romance? Coming from the usual gang of idiots, Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard.


Devin is on the run, but the crew who broke him out of jail aren’t your average group of masked heroes. Far, far from it. Although, they are masked. And… well, heroes really would be stretching it, but then this is a crazy world that Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard have established wherein convention goers are cannibalistic killers with a very twisted set of ethics. Beliefs and values that don’t include eating Devin. These furries may seem mentally unhinged but they do seem to have a plan and it includes Devin. But, knowing atet only makes it more provocative. After all, what would a bunch of cosplay kooks be planning?

As Plush #3 progresses we get a change of environment and, for the more eagle-eyed readers, an Easter egg that ties this latest comedy-horror to Wagner and Hillyard’s previous series, Vinyl, out last year. I do love a shared universe, especially one so bloody. And, as with each series, I have a favourite. And, so far, it’s the Mason-like Edie, who’s eyes are just slightly out of kilter with one another with a shit-eating grin to match. A frazzled hippie-like dude with a mean line in manic behaviour. And a killer wardrobe.

Giving it all a somewhat palatable veneer, as ever, is Hillyard, who revels in the fur and the fury, gore and guts of this latest issue and injects just the right amount of dialled back horror to entertain. And while a good deal of the issue begins to reveal the people behind the masks, there is still a good deal of mystery too. Plus with the cops on their fuzzy little tails the tension continues to rise. We get the slightest of glimpse at Keebler’s true identity – the silent member of the crew – as well as a glimpse at someone else. Unnamed for now, and barely seen. But a haunting presence in a haunting house. A house these nutters call their home, but one that stands in darkness with an air of death roaming the spacious corridors. And, as with all good horrors, a bleak house with a bleak history. But not so dark that colourist Rico Renzi can’t add something less dull with a palette of deep purples and rather brazen magentas too. 

Plush #3 continues to awe with its gore, and titillate with its terror and black humour. And out now from Image Comics. 

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