2000 AD Art Stars Returns: Your Chance To Write And Draw Dredd For Publication In 2000 AD!

by Richard Bruton

Want to write and draw Judge Dredd in 2000 AD? With Art Stars, you could have your chance!


It’s been away for a long time, but 2000 AD have just announced this week that their Art Stars program is back to give you a chance to appear in 2000 AD with a one-page Judge Dredd strip.

In the past, the Art Stars competition has been for artists to send in a single-page image or pin-up of a 2000 AD character with the winner appearing in the pages of a 2000 AD Prog.

But now the competition has changed – this time 2000 AD are looking for someone to write AND draw a one-page Judge Dredd strip – any topic you want, any scenario, any setting – with the chosen winner’s strip printed in a future 2000 AD and getting paid for it.

This is the ultimate in compressed storytelling, a really tough challenge for artists who think they can tell a great story, beginning, middle, and end, in just one single page.

Take note though, it’s all about the individual here, one person writing AND drawing who hasn’t been professionally published before – if you’re a writer who can’t draw or an artist who doesn’t write, you’ll have to wait for the next 2000 AD talent search at this year’s Thought Bubble later in the year. And no AI allowed – quite rightly, as it’s just artistic theft.

The winner will be chosen by the editorial team at 2000 AD before being published and paid in the Prog, with two runners-up receiving 2000 AD graphic novels.

The deadline for entries is 30th April 2023 – send your entry by email to 2000adartcomp@gmail.com – but not before reading all the t&cs at the 2000 AD site and follow the competition on 2000 AD‘s socials as they’ll be featuring selected entries on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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