Art For Art’s Sake #193: Dream A Little Dream Of The Little Endless

by Richard Bruton

Welcome one and all to another Art For Art’s Sake, delivering a weekly pick-me-up of comic art, all ending this week with some of Jill Thompson’s Little Endless artwork… enjoy!

Jonathan Edwards… Batman

Barry Kitson

“I did this for the 35th Anniversary of Death’s Head’s first appearance on”

John Watson

Paul Smith

Wally Wood – gorgeous Aces High artwork from 1955

A 1985 Comic Art cover from Moebius

This Dan Spiegle piece… just the wonderful simplicity of the linework…

Doug Wildey

Dr Strange by D’Israeli

Mick McMahon

Mon Girl & Devil Dinosaur – Amy Reeder

Prince Valiant by Bill Sienkiewicz

Steve Lieber with a cover to Action Comics

And the wonderful Walt Simonson and the great Manhunter created by Simonson and the late Archie Goodwin

Simon Bisley – Doomkeeper –

And we’ll end with the great Jill Thompson and her Little Endless artwork.

2000’s The Little Endless Storybook is just one of those wonderful little things, a Sandman picture book  featuring all of the Endless family feature – just so perfectly lovely… as is the second Little Endless Storybook, Delirium’s Party, released in 2011.

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