Kickstarting Comics: ‘Witchblade Complete Collection’ Vol. 3 Launching This Week

by Olly MacNamee

Top Cow Productions, Inc., have announced their latest Witchblade collection to be crowdfunded on Kickstarter is open for business. Well, open for pre-register at least. The Witchblade Complete Collection Vol. 3 will feature the following:

“a new limited collectible hardcover of iconic series and a backer only preview edition of the new WITCHBLADE #1 by NEW YORK TIMES-bestselling, GLAAD-nominated writer Marguerite Bennett (DC BOMBSHELLS), artist Francesca Ciregia (WOLVERINE, SPIDERMAN, DAZZLER), and colorist Bryan Valenza (DETECTIVE COMICS), and new cover by Top Cow founder and WITCHBLADE co-creator Marc Silvestri unveiling the new WITCHBLADE gauntlet on Wednesday, February 1st at 7AM EST.”


“This VOLUME 3 hardcover will have an exclusive Kickstarter dust jacket and every copy will include a limited edition bookplate signed by Marc Silvestri.”

Lisa Y. Wu, Marketing Director said of the imminent campaign launch:

“On the high of celebrating Top Cow’s 30th anniversary and 25th anniversary of WITCHBLADE, our loyal fans have been buzzing on social media and sending emails demanding to complete their hardcover collection and more WITCHBLADE.”

Top Cow President Matt Hawkins added:

“We’re excited to release the subsequent hardcover collections for the original Witchblade run. It’s gratifying to have a character and a body of work that reaches the ‘nostalgia’ level.”

“This COMPLETE WITCHBLADE HARDCOVER VOLUME 3  is a limited edition reprint of the iconic series featuring art by Randy Green, Keu Cha, Brian Ching, Francis Manapul with the main story by Paul Jenkins and collects WITCHBLADE #37-57, DESTINY’S CHILD #1-3, and WITCHBLADE/LADY DEATH.”

Further to this is the news that Top Cow has also confirmed that the original Witchblade wielder, Sara Pezzini, will return in a new series debuting in 2024. This too will be funded with a Kickststarter WITCHBLADE #1 PREVIEW EDITION.

“Through this Kickstarter’s backer kit, this special edition will give fans  a preview of what Marguerite Bennett, Francesca Ciregia, and Bryan Valenza, have been working on and reveal the new cover by Marc Silvestri featuring the new Witchblade gauntlet!”

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