Art From Art’s Sake #194: There’s Comics For Everyone, But This Comic Art’s Just For You

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake time once more, where we take your eyes for a wander across the delights to be found on the comics Internet…

Let’s start with a true genius of comics… Franquin… the movement of this one is just superb…

Sara Richard‘s cover to Deadman Tells The Spooky Tales

Steve Mannion – Fearless Dawn & Hellboy

Jake Wyatt – Ms Marvel

Bruce Timm – Vampirella

Terry Moore – Spider-Gwen

Gambit – Tim Sale

Alex Garner – Mary Jane

David Marquez – Star Wars

Phil Noto – Daredevil

Jim Steranko – Nick Fury from Strange Tales #159

Peach MomokoI Hate Fairyland #1 cover

Jill Thompson – Abby & Swamp Thing

Kelley Jones – Dark Knight Returns

And more Kelley Jones Batman, this time in a Batman Adventures style… this was a pin up but there was a chance for more that sadly never came good –


The genius of Hugo Pratt

Yuichi Yokoyamas – just abstract wonderfulness…

Here’s a Brian Bolland I can’t remember seeing before, The Maze Agency #20 from 1989…

And in case you’re wondering just how that unusual cover dimension worked for the final printed cover… a little juggling of the logos was required it seems…

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