Kickstart This: The Johnny Alpha/Strontium Dog Statue Of Your Dreams

by Richard Bruton

Crowdfunding the chance to get hold of one of 2000 AD’s finest characters as a 1:6 Scale Strontium Dog, Johnny Alpha statue.

Fully authorised by 2000 AD/Rebellion and Produced by Alan Fisher of Fish Collectables, this really does look like THE statue any fan of Johnny Alpha will want.

The $20k target will fund the making of 500 of these beauties – the basic statue of one of 2000 AD’s greatest heroes, the mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha is made to 1:6 scale with what looks like pretty amazing detailing.

On top of that, there’s plenty of stretch goals available to add bits to it –

$25,000: Two alternate hands, one holding his Blaster and one holding his Electronux. $30,000: Johnny’s head without helmet. $40,000: A desert base with a Stix Brothers hat on it OR a Gronk. This is going to be decided (if they hit that goal) by a vote – but surely it has to be the Gronk???



In his Kickstarter notes, Fisher tells of how he originally planned on making the statue based on co-creator Carlos Ezquerra’s original designs but ended up going for a later version, but still based on a model sheet Carlos did in the 1990s.

Page from the original presentation to Rebellion


The pledge for the statue is $205, but there are various pledges above and below this one, with the pledge rewards have rather a lot of familiar names attached as Fisher’s commissioned a number of (mostly) 2000 AD artists to produce A3 art prints and there’s a set of six Stront badges, again with art from Carlos.

The Kickstarter for the Johnny Alpha statue runs until Friday 3 March 2023.

Below – a full look at the pledge prints, badges, and more of the sculpt for the statue itself.

Set of 6 Strontium Dog badges (1″ diameter)
(King Carlos Ezquerra A3 Strontium Dog art print – landscape)

Rufus Dayglo A3 Strontium Dog art print [A]
Rufus Dayglo A3 Strontium Dog art print [B]

Des Taylor A3 Strontium Dog art print
Leigh Gallagher A3 Strontium Dog art print – landscape

Tiernen Trevallion A3 Strontium Dog art print [A]
Tiernen Trevallion A3 Strontium Dog art print [B]

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