Something For The Weekend: Your Regular Dose Of Popular Posts

by Olly MacNamee

It’s the weekend, so that means another round up of popular post from across the week from the world of comics, film, Tv and more. And ready for your reading pleasure below:

  1. Frank Martin’s TV reviews just keep on landing with or readers, with a good few on this week’s list. First up his review for National Treasure: Edge of History S01 ep.8 here.
  2. He also reviewed Velma S01 Ep.5 here.
  3. And when he’s not reviewing TV shows, he can often be found offering up some food for thought with post like this one on Ghostbusters versus Star Wars reboots.
  4. In comic book news, Tony Thornley reported on the newest Alien comic book series announcement from Marvel here.
  5. And, as one of the leaders in posting interviews on the web we had two that made the list this week. I spoke with Dan Panosian about his new rock horror comic book, Black Tape, here.
  6. And, Tom Smithyman spoke with Cereal writer Don Steinberg here.
  7. And, as ever, we have a few regulars hit the spot. Last week’s Review Round Up can be found here.
  8. Richard Bruton’s Art for Art’s Sake here.
  9. And, his in-depth weekly preview of 2000 AD here.
  10. Last on this week’s list is another regular, our preview of X-Men comics with House of X here.

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