Jon Kent Will Be Travelling To The Twisted World Of ‘Injustice’ This March

by Olly MacNamee

When the Jon Kent-starring Superman, The Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent, comic relaunches this spring, it will see the titular character travelling to the much loved, and much lamented world of Injustice, the title Tom Taylor made his name on for DC Comics and wrote 150 chapters for. And all he was hired to write was 15! That’s some legacy, and one I am keen to see him return to now the DCU multiverse is infinite once again.

Here’s how DC Comics broke it as part on an interview with The Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent writer, Taylor:

“Yes, we can finally reveal that Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent not only continues Jon’s story that Taylor began in Superman: Son of Kal-El, but also builds on the legacy of storytelling he crafted for the popular DC video game franchise, which hasn’t been seen in a DC comic book since the Injustice 2 series concluded in 2018. But how exactly will Jon find himself in Injustice’s harrowing world, in which Batman finds himself fighting for survival against a tyrant Superman? We were as curious as you, so we sat down with Taylor for an exclusive interview about the upcoming series and its newly revealed twist.”

Taylor went on to to lay down some more details such as Ultraman’s plans to travel the multiverse “murdering Kal-Els” and it would seem Jon is the “only one who could stop him”.

As for the imminent meeting of Jon and the Injustice Superman – who, if you remember, lost Lois and his unborn child (Jon, maybe?) – Taylor wouldn’t be drawn, not even by DC Comics, only stating “it’s a big one”. But, he did reveal exclusively that, as well as Batman and Wonder Woman, there would be “is a different Damian Wayne in the Injustice world” and he’s definitley “not on the side of the angels in this world”.

So, we have Ultraman, the death of multiple Kal-Els across the multiverse, and a return to the world of Injustice! I will admit, I wasn’t going to pick up this title, but all the elements of this one ticks a lot of boxes for this longtime DC Comics fan. Count me in! That’s another one added to an already creakingly large pull list, I suppose.

Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1 by Tom Taylor, Clayton Henry and Jordie Bellaire will out on Tuesday March 7th, 2023.

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