Adult Animation Revolution: Glitch Productions Teases A New Era For Teen Animation

by Tito W. James

Glitch Productions is the studio behind Murder Drones and several other web-based animated projects. Glitch recently announced that the company would be entering a new phase of content production to accurately reflect the new era of animation we find ourselves in. There’s a need for original animated series catering to teen audiences and Glitch hopes to deliver.

The desire for more teen/YA oriented animated series was incredibly strong at the 2022 World Animation Summit. As someone who has advocated for more PG-13 animated films and TV shows, Glitch’s new initiative is music to my ears. The idea that animation appeals to teens and young adults isn’t new news to anime fans. However, Western animation studios have lagged behind their Japanese counterparts in their willingness to push the envelope. The rising generation of cartoon creators and fans have the opportunity to change the animation landscape to more accurately reflect their interests.

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