‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ Season 1, Episode 10 Review

by Frank Martin

It took ten episodes, but National Treasure: Edge of History finally delivered the type of adventure that was so prevalent in the movies. It had ancient relics, booby traps, intricate puzzles, and, of course, a lot of treasure. It also did a nice job wrapping all of its different story threads into a satisfying conclusion. Unfortunately, fans holding out hope for a Nicolas Cage cameo will be disappointed. But that doesn’t mean he can’t somehow show up in future seasons if the show returns.

After the last episode’s shocking ending, it was revealed that Agent Ross (Lyndon Smith) was in fact still alive. While half of Jess’s friends tried to take the agent to safety, the other half chased after Billie (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and her gang. Jess (Lisette Olivera) leads them to a booby trap, which causes half of Billie’s gang to be killed. There are also has some touching scenes with Jesse’s old (Jordan Rodrigues) and new (Jake Austin Walker) boyfriends teaming up and actually becoming friends. After a bunch of other twist and turns, Billie gets revenge on Salazar (Armando Riesco) for killing her brother before trying to take out Jess for herself. Teamwork, however, allows Jess and her friends to stop Billie, have her arrested, and end the adventure with a museum exhibition of all of the treasure they found.

While it might not rise to the level of the National Treasure films, the series ended on a surprisingly solid note. The thrilling suspense and real danger were probably much higher than was warranted — as seen in previous episodes — but that shouldn’t detract from the show’s other endearing elements. Jess was a strong choice of protagonist for the series, and if it’s possible, it would be awesome to see her and Cage’s Ben Gates team up for an adventure that requires both of their riddle-solving skills.

National Treasure: Edge of History is now streaming on Disney+.

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