Dive Into The Minds Behind ‘Psychonauts 2’ In This Game Developer Documentary

by Tito W. James

Ten years after the release of their flagship video game, Psychonauts, Double Fine Productions returns to its most celebrated franchise with Psychonauts 2. Now facing the pressure to produce a worthy sequel, the studio must confront overly ambitious designs, poor morale, technical challenges and financial woes, all during a turbulent span of time for the world.

Double Fine is one of the most unique gaming companies in the industry with a creative look and feel like no other. It is inspiring to explore what goes into developing their unique games. The documentary work of Two Player Productions demystifies the process of professional game development while also showing the humanity of those who work at the company. Even experienced professionals don’t have all the answers or make the right decisions all the time. And despite the many challenges of the long production, the studio managed to deliver a stellar Mascot Platformer game in the end. Aspiring and working creatives can learn a lot from PsychOdyssey.

Those who want even more behind-the-scenes can revisit our Podcast interview with concept artist,  Scott Campbell.

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