Art For Art’s Sake #196: Charles Burns’ Marvel Tryout

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake, taking our regular wander around the lush green fields of comic art… shall we wander together?

Yep, time to head off to the verdant fields of comic art again, ending with a weird thing with Charles Burns twisting and turning a Marvel Try-Out Book. But that’s later, first all this…

Paul Rainey – whose excellent Why Don’t You Love Me comes out from D&Q in 2023 – has a little pitch for Marvel: “Dear Marvel, I am a highly regarded comic creator in the UK who would love the opportunity to create Hulk comics for you for money. Here is my pitch.”

Wally Wood

Will Eisner, Sergio Aragones, George Perez – 1985 LepreCon booklet cover –

Charlie Gillespie – John Constantine

Howard the Duck #7 (1980) – Marie Severin

Paul Smith – Bat & Canary

Zach – poor, poor Mario…

Darwyn Cooke – Spidey

Garry Leach – MarvelZirk?

Roberta Gregory – cartoon about the wildfires from a couple years back – but still very relevant

Dave Bardin – The Doc…

And more of the Doc, this time it’s Trad Moore from Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise

Brian BollandGet Lost #2

Dan Mora

Some Hellboy now… starting with Jim Lee and Hellboy/Batman

Andy Brase

Ashley Wood

Fabio Moon – Batman with a heavy dash of Paul Pope’s Batman 100…

Jorge Fornes – More bats…

Jimbo Salgado – TMNT…

Pye Parr – “Transformers!! 80s Cars+robots = my alley. Posters up for pre-order.”

The wonderful Margaux Motin

Elders at the market…

And Margaux Motin on a change of seasons…

Never saw this before now, but such a fascinating thing – it seems that Charles Burns reworked the John Romita Jr. Spider-Man story from the Marvel Try-Out book. The Burns pages appeared in Kitchen Sink’s anthology, Buzz.

Slightly altered layouts perhaps but bloody hell, what a way to adapt something…



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