Love And Death: ‘Plush’ #4 Advance Review

by Olly MacNamee


While Devin hides out with his new found friends, the local cops are up for a hunt in ‘Plush’ #4 by Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard. Love is in the air, as is the stench of death, as we learn more about the ferocious furries and their past.


As you might expect, things continue to get weirder in Plush #4, as any semblance of the law is all but forgotten about. The sheriff has a plan and its not all above board. But, while he hatches those plans we get to spend a good deal of time with Devin and his new freaky, furry friends. And, once Devin has washed the blood from his face, you could almost forget that you’re reading a comic book that started out as as serial killer/cannibal dark comedy. Romance is in the air as well as the stench of death, of course. Never forget that.

Doug Wagner provided a script that’s smart, funny and heart-felt, while Daniel Hillyard continues to provide the art that relishes in depicting the oft-twisted features of the mad and the bad characters in this series.

As with his previous slasher-comedies, what we get is something more than a black hearted, dark-humoured tale. Devin, in the first issue, is having huge relationship problems. But, in taking up with these three cannibal killers he’s found a group he gets along with. As weird as that might sound. And, quite possibly, the cure for a broken heart too. The monsters, who are the local police force, are vilified by Wagner so were are more inclined to side with these insane serial killers. Who are themselves part of a bigger conspiracy, as we find out this issue. With a touch of tragedy about them, and a budding romance in the offing, how can you not find this freaky family of misfits and murderers growing on you?

Plush #4 is out Wednesday 22nd February from Image Comics

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