Reviewing ‘Billionaire Island: Cult Of Dogs’ #4

by Olly MacNamee


Mark Russell and Steve Pugh produce another satirically biting issue ‘Billionaire Island: Cult of Dogs’ #4 as the hunt for the pampered pooch continues. The stakes are high and the clock is ticking.


In Billionaire Island: Cult of Dogs #4 we once more get a good mixture of satire, social commentary and philosophy. In this near-future dystopian world, Business Dog is still missing with a search party organised to find him. 

Meanwhile, we catch up with our intrepid roaming reporter, who remains our eyes and ears into this world of conspiracy theorists, Trump supporters and militias. This allows writer Mark Russell to mix in an awful lot of satirical swipes in his script that readers will recognise off the bat. A skilful way of incorporating progressive and politically charged views is through the use of multiple narrators. This allows for the dissemination of the ideas Russell wishes to explore this series without tying himself too closely to any one viewpoint. After all, the characters in this comic book series are caricatures, extreme examples of our own reality. There’s a whole bit on the value we as a society place on our money. The printed promise that’s on every dollar we all accept. Because, without this belief, this social glue, the alternative would be unthinkable. 

Steve Pugh delivers another issue full of awesome art, bringing mark Russell’s script alive on the page with gusto. His real world aesthetics play with the comedic element of the script to create a believable world of what the near-future may have in stall? Or, how much of it we already have in our lives which we passively accept. 

Billionaire Island: Cult of Dogs #4 is a dry sense of humour with a mature, realistic art style that playing it straight and better allows the punchlines to fall is a key to this sequel series continued top form. And out now from AHOY Comics.

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