Adult Animation Revolution: It’s Prom Night For The Murder Drones

by Tito W. James

Murder Drones is an action horror/comedy web series created by Liam Vickers (CliffsideInternecion Cube) and produced by Glitch Productions. The CG series takes place in a world where mankind has colonized most of space and left the Worker Drones to rot.

Murder Drones continues to astonish with slick production values, atmospheric horror, dynamic action, and witty writing. “The Promening” is the best episode thus far and introduces juicy new pieces of lore. Glitch Productions makes good in their promise to deliver high quality animation for young adult audiences. The show is unlike anything on traditional TV Networks, and will no doubt be a staple of YouTube’s new wave of indie animation.

You can keep up to date with the latest episodes of Murder Drones on the official YouTube Channel.

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