Something For The Weekend: Your Regular Dose Of Popular Posts

by Olly MacNamee

Welcome to the weekend and another collection of popular posts from the past week. A chance to wind down and catch up on some essential pop cultural news, reviews and more.

  1. Quite a varied list again, with Frank Martin’s TV reviews once more proving popular. Read his review for Star Wars: The Bad Batch S02 Ep. 10 here. and The Flash S09 Ep.3 here.
  2. Furthermore, you can catch his most recent commentary piece here.
  3. Martin also posted a trailer for new Indian blockbuster, Martin , here.
  4. Our most popular previews were for Marvel’s All Hallows Eve #1 and 2000 AD/Rebellion’s Judge Dredd: Regicide.
  5. Sticking with comic books (well, it is a big part of what we d round here) worthy news items included Marvel’s resurrection of its corner boxes celebrating the 60th anniversary of both the X-Men and the Avengers. Read Tony Thornley’s report here. Plus, we get word of the return of the Ultimate universe coming from Johnathan Hickman and Bryan Hitch here.
  6. We also leant that Kyle Higgins has big, big plans for his co-created Massive-Verse with a crossover. Read up on it here.
  7. I brought you a sneak peek at Mark Millar and Frank Quietly’s The Ambassadors #1 as well as reporting on Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino’s latest Back Orchard Mythos series, Tenement , here.
  8. We also got another interview from Rachel Bellwoar, who talked with Henry Chamberlain about his new book, George’s Run. Read it here.
  9. For a second year, Brendan M Allen reported on his time at the Innings Festival Tempe 2023 here.
  10. Lastly, gamer Gary Catig reviewed new computer game, Redemption Reapers, here.

This week’s something extra comes from Antonis Fylladitis, who has made a CGI Superman fan-film inspired by DC Comics’ ’90s dystopian miniseries, Kingdom Come. Superman Awakens awaits you…


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