First Look: ‘Clash Of The Guards’ – Another Classic Strip From ‘Battle’ Coming From The Treasury Of British Comics –

by Richard Bruton

Clash By name, clash by nature! – it’s time to revisit another classic strip from the pages of the legendary British War Comics, Battle.


Available to pre-order now in paperback or hardback, the collection of Clash of the Guards is written by Alan Hebden and has art from the great Cam Kennedy.

It’s Italy 1943 and the United States Army have sent maverick Captain Brad Clash to join a British platoon to learn from their experiences of WWII before the Americans joined in.


Clash is a former Hollywood stuntman and speedway driver and a definite man of action who heads into danger as fast as possible, facing the enemy head-on. It’s all guts and glory as Clash uses all those driving skills and lots of special American weaponry in strip after strip of all-out action against the German Army.


Clash Of The Guards – written by Alan Hebden and with art by Cam Kennedy and Ron Tiner

Published by The Treasury of British Comics on 26th July

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