‘Mega-City Max’: The All-New YA Title From ‘2000 AD’ Coming This July

by Richard Bruton

Brand-new one-shot special from 2000 AD brings the Thrill Power to Young Adult/Teen readers with Mega-City Max!


We already have a load of exciting comics and specials announced for 2023 from 2000 AD, including the new Battle Action series, but here’s one more for your diaries – Mega-City Max!

It’s a new young adult/teen title featuring and stand-alone collection of stories that feature both updated versions of some 2000 AD greats, including Devlin Waugh, Harlem Heroes, De Marco PI, and Walter the Wobot, along with plenty of new characters.

As with the regular Regened all-ages 2000 AD that’s now worked into the regular weekly 2000 AD Progs, Mega-City Max! is intended as something new, a jumping on point, a taster for some who maybe aren’t aware of the Prog or just don’t think it’s for them.

Any sort of outreach is always good, anything to expand the readership of comics should be applauded. We’ve no time for the idiot gatekeepers who say that this isn’t the ‘right’ version of this character or such garbage.

As you can see from the names involved, there’s plenty of talent here to entertain, including Hannah Templer, Oliver Gerlach, VV Glass, Ramzee, Korinna Mei Veropoulou, Roger Langridge, and Lucie Ebrey.

Looking at the trailer image that we led with and the characters in it, plus the fact that Ramzee and Korinna Mei Veropoulou are involved, we reckon that the Harlem Heroes strip in this one will be the strips that were included as exclusives in recent volumes of the Regened collections – you can see and read more about that here when we featured it and had this to say:

“Straight from the off, this one just bursts from the page, Ramzee cleverly updating it for the now but keeping the links to the original through Gem, the great-grandchild of that original Harlem Heroes team captain, John ‘Giant’ Clay. And Veropoulou’s art is bright, vivid, colourful, and absolutely full of action.”

Harlem Heroes from Ramzee & Korinna Mei Veropoulou… will it be part of Mega-City Max!?


Mega-City Max! is due for release on 19th July, but 2000 AD will be including some of the MC-Max fun in their Free Comic Book Day 2023 offering, The Best Comic Ever!

Now, a quick look at the Mega-City Max version of Devlin Waugh and then a little more Harlem Heroes from Ramzee and Korinna Mei Veropoulou

Preview images of the new Mega-City Max! version of Devlin Waugh


Harlem Heroes by Ramzee and Korrina Mei Veropoulou from 2000 AD Regened Volume 3
Harlem Heroes by Ramzee and Korrina Mei Veropoulou from 2000 AD Regened Volume 4

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