Adult Animation Revolution: Stop-Motion Samurai Film ‘Hidari’– Now Funding on Kickstarter

by Tito W. James

When a skilled sculptor gets set up by his colleagues and loses his right arm, he returns decades later with his partner “Sleeping Cat” and his weaponized prosthetic arm to exact his revenge.

Hidari is a stop-motion samurai film inspired by the Japanese sculptor Jingoro Hidari. Directed by Masashi Kawamura the film draws heavy inspiration from Evil Dead, RoboCop, Jason and the Argonauts, and Lady Snowblood. 

Even as someone who’s seen a fair amount of anime, stop-motion, and samurai films I was still blown away by the work on display within the animated pilot. It’s the kind of bombastic action that had me gasping and laughing in equal measure. A unique project like this comes along once in a lifetime and I hope animation fans unite to support this incredible achievement in stop-motion.

Hidari is now funding on Kickstarter.

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