Kickstarting Comics: 144-Pages Of Steampunk In ‘Stephenson’s Robot’ From Time Bomb Comics

by Richard Bruton

Stephenson’s Robot is the latest Kickstarter campaign from Time Bomb Comics, a complete Steampunk adventure of battling robots created by Stephenson and Brunel.


Written by Dave West who was, up until fairly recently, one-half of Accent UK, makers of fine, fine comics for many years, and with art by El Indio!, Stephenson’s Robot looks intriguing, a full steampunk thing with Stephenson and Brunel locking horns after a challenge from Queen Victoria to make her a robot army…

Stephenson goes for it, rushing ahead to make robots the same size as humans, whilst Brunel, always one for the extreme in engineering, goes large and sets about making the biggest robot possible.

And then things get tricky, with both men coming up against the constraints of science and engineering. So of course, as you would when these sort of things happen, both of them turn to magic.

It’s from this background that we have Kingdom, a robot on a mission to right the wrongs of his creators, accompanied by the various strange friends he’s made along the way. As he travels across France in World War I, Stephenson’s Kingdom makes ready to do battle with Brunel’s Robot.

Stephenson’s Robot is already fully funded but has plenty of stretch goals available, including a limited edition art card from the late Ian Kennedy, and Tarot cards featuring characters from the book.

Stephenson’s Robot is funding on Kickstarter right now until 3rd April 2023.


Robot Shorts by Dave West and Steve Holder – one of the extras in the tiers for Stephenson’s Robot
One of the stretch goals for Stephenson’s Robot – limited edition art card from the late Ian Kennedy.


More stretch goals for Stephenson’s Robot – Tarot Cards featuring one of the characters from the book – the first one is The High Priestess, featuring The Jigsaw Girl.

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